Welcome to "Les Jongleuses" !

« Les Jongleuses » is French for « the jugglers » and it’s also the title of the podcast I created 6 months ago.


I happen to be surrounded by strong women who inspire me by the way they juggle their many roles in their day to day life. Other amazing women inspire me by making bold choices to turn the table when it’s not set in a way that suits them.


I am convinced that having those strong role models in my life is one of the things that inspired to make some life altering decisions of my own a year ago.


And I wanted to share the inspiration these women bring me through this podcast. 

In each episode, I sit with a woman who inspires me to have an honest conversation about their life story, the challenges they had to overcome and that made them who they are today. And of course, we also explore the way they juggle their many roles. 

I wish for every listener/reader of « Les Jongleuses » to find a connection between us women. A lot of us share the same struggles and most of the time, we don’t talk about them. Well, in this space, we do.

I also wish for each portrait, each interview to be a source of inspiration where each of us can find tools or ideas to help us all juggle better our many roles. 

And I also hope that those portraits help broaden every woman’s horizons and possibilities for her own life. 

You can listen to them here if you wish to practice your French ;-) Or, you can read them here

I am Ruth, the creator and host of "Les Jongleuses" and I'm glad to have you here. 

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