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I am Ruth, the creator of the podcast and the blog « Les Jongleuses ».

I am a 30 something mom to 2 children, I am married and I am a bank executive. On paper, those are the ingredients of a happy life, right ? 


Except a year ago,  I was feeling anything BUT happy. I felt like I was drowning in that supposedly perfect life, like I was running all the time between : 

  • the time I spent at work, which I felt was never enough. Even though I often worked from home in the evenings to make up for the fact I arrived later than my coworkers and left earlier most of the time. 

  • And the organization of my family life and my children childcare. Can we stop a minute at the word « organization » to describe one’s family life ? Yet, in fact, that’s what I was doing. Organizing, booking appointments, dropping, picking up, putting to bed early, making sure we were on time… So I felt like there must have been something I was doing wrong, since I was never actually enjoying my family time, but managing stuff.


On top of it all, I failed to see the meaning of my day-to-day job. And I felt like I was being called to do something else :  a job with actual significance and social utility. 

I’m usually a pretty upbeat and happy person, but I was losing myself and my joy. I was dangerously heading towards burn-out territory. 

That’s when we (as a family) made some life altering decisions that literally saved my sanity and mental health.

You can learn more about that by reading the podcast episode I made about it here.

After that, I felt the need to have honest conversations with women who inspire me, willing to understand : 

  • The way THEY juggled their many roles

  • How THEY managed to actually enjoy it 

  • Or how they managed to change the things that didn’t suit them.


That’s how the podcast was born !

So far, the episodes have been in French. But you can read the English translations of the interviews here. And I can’t wait to also do some interviews in English. 


As for the blog… I have always wanted to start one (I even found an article I had written in 2012. Can you believe it ?) without ever bringing myself to actually do it.

But while promoting the podcast on social media, I always surprised myself by the length of my captions.

Plus, there are so many subjects I’m interested in and learning about (from birth and education to race or African history, cultures and spirituality), … I figured it was about time I created a space where I could explore and share about it all ! 

So now that you have the full story, I hope you enjoy the content I share here. And if you do, don’t forget to sign up so you don’t miss out on anything.